Image credit – Jason Dorfman/MIT CSAIL

WiFI, for the most part, is pretty reliable. However, what can be unreliable about WiFi is its coverage, where depending on how you’ve set your router up and its location, there may be times when your signal is less than desirable. This is where mesh networks and WiFi boosters can come in handy.

However, what if you could simply build your home the way you like without worrying about mesh networks or boosters? Thanks to the work of researchers at MIT CSAIL, they have developed what they’re calling RFocus, which is a smart surface that can help to boost WiFi signal by as much as tenfold!

This means that by placing these surfaces around your home, they can act as a mirror or a les to help focus wireless signals to their respective devices. It has been estimated that such a setup could also be relatively cheap at a few cents per antenna, and it would also consume less power compared to more conventional systems.

That being said, it is unclear when and if the researchers plan on commercializing their technology, but it could be a good idea for the future where we may no longer need to rely on external devices to help improve our WiFi signals.

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