When Amazon packages are delivered to homes, sometimes they are left outside the door. Unfortunately for one woman, it seems that her package was left outside her door in such a way that it ended up with her being “trapped” in her own home, due to the fact that the package prevented her door from being opened.


The woman in question, TikTok user izzybrooke, shared the video which was later reuploaded onto ViralHog, which you can check out for yourself in the video above. According to izzybrooke, “Oh, sorry, yeah I’m gonna have to cancel. There’s an Amazon package blocking my door and I can’t get out.” 

She later adds, “When all you want is to go get your nails done, but you can’t because Amazon put a package outside your door and you can’t get out.” However, the good news is that izzybrooke managed to figure a way out, which was by grabbing a spatula and managed to stick it out the door to push the package away enough for her to open her door.

The entire ordeal was said to have lasted for an hour. She then later shared her success along with some choice words for Amazon’s delivery service. That being said, we have to wonder how many people have actually encountered similar situations like this before?

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