There’s a tech for almost everything. And, maybe now, we have something to help people with color blindness.

A pair of high-tech contact lenses that fixes the problem if you have color blindness. Of course, there are some existing solutions – but they are not as good as this one.

It is still something that you cannot immediately get access to – however, it is an interesting research, which is going to be helpful for a lot of people.

The official press release mentions that the Researchers have incorporated ultra-thin optical devices known as metasurfaces into off-the-shelf contact lenses to correct deuteranomaly.

Especially, the form of red-green color blindness is being addressed by this high-tech contact lens.

To explain further, the research also mentions that the contact lenses use metasurfaces based on nano-metric size gold ellipses to create a customized, compact and durable way to address these deficiencies.

Overall, it looks like a lot of precision work – but for the greater good.

And, technically, it is a better alternative to the ones available – which are bulkier than the ones mentioned in the research.

For now, clinical tests have to be performed before pitching it to the market. But, it is indeed a piece of positive news on the improvements of contact lenses to help people with deficiencies. What do you think?

Featured Image: Photo by Andrea Bova from Pexels

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