This might sound like a lot – but it is a real thing. With Project Sandcastle, you can install Android on an iPhone.

The co-founders of the project have also managed to port Android to the original iPhone (the first edition).

Now, along with a team of developers, they have made it possible for you to install Android on an iPhone.

For now, you would notice that only iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus are supported.

To do that yourself, you need to Jailbreak your device. Once done, you can proceed to try installing Android on your device.

As far as we know, the operation is not perfect (in beta)- however, the developer team is actively working on it to run Android flawlessly on the iPhone.

If this project succeeds in what it promises, you could just breathe life to your old iPhone or simply switch to Android without needing to get another smartphone.

Of course, Apple will not support it officially – but after you get the device for yourself, you can make your choices.

It is worth noting that this could void your existing warranty on the phone and is only advisable for experienced tinkerers.

There can be a lot of use-cases of Project Sandcastle as well. We shall keep an eye out on its development to report back the important bits.

Featured Image: Project Sandcastle

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