Even though there are loads of projects that try to create an artificial neural network – Intel seems to be doing something interesting.

It looks like Intel is developing a computer chip that can potentially smell things like a human does.

Intel believes that they have built an algorithm that mimics the brain activity of a human being when we smell something and the chip will utilize that to detect the smell.

As of now, it will be limited to certain types of smell and of course because it is still impossible to make an artificial computer that would smell things like a human.

Here’s the official video explaining more about it:

Nabil Imam, a senior research scientist, who works with Intel Labs’ neuromorphic computing group at Cornell University is one of the key responsible members to make it happen.

Also, to clarify, the chip is known as Intel’s Loihi neuromorphic test chip (it is still in its experimental stage).

When the research scientist was asked about its future applications (use-cases), he mentioned it as a potential electric nose that can be used as a smart utility to detect specific kind of smell and notify you.

While it makes its way to improvement, we can think of better applications for it as well. What do you think?

Featured Image: Intel Newsroom

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