When it comes to RAM, it’s not always about how much RAM you have, but the type of RAM. For example, there are RAM modules that use LPDDR3 memory, and newer ones that use LPDDR5, and so on, where clearly the newer ones are “better” in terms of performance, efficiency, optimization, and so on.


It looks like Samsung is taking things to the next level as the company has announced that they have started to ship the industry’s first 10nm class DDR4 DRAM modules that is based on extreme ultraviolet (EUV) technology. For those who are confused as to what this means, basically EUV is a new process used in making chips for computers.

However, one of the main differences is that it uses light with an incredibly small wavelength to project the chip’s blueprint onto a silicon. Unlike lasers, this will allow companies, such as Samsung, to create chips that can offer up finer circuits, which in turn will support a greater number of components inside of it.

Ultimately, this should result in chips that are faster but also more efficient. That being said, it could be a while before we start seeing these EUV RAM modules hit the market. Samsung expects to have a second factory ready in the second half of 2020, and they will only begin mass producing DDR5 modules in 2021, but either way, it’s a good start.

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