If you’re the sort of person who loves keeping social media platforms like Facebook open on their browser tab while they’re on their computer, then Opera’s latest update might be worth checking out. This is because in the latest version of Opera, the company is providing users with a one-click direct access to Instagram.

What this means is that instead of users having to keep a separate tab of Instagram open on their desktop browsers, Opera has baked Instagram into the sidebar of its browser. This means that anytime you want to call up Instagram to check on your feed, all you need to do is click the button on the sidebar and a floating window with Instagram will pop up.

Note that this is for the desktop version of Instagram, although for the most part the experience is largely similar to the mobile version, especially now that Instagram has finally allowed users to send and receive messages through the web version of its platform. This new feature for Opera isn’t exactly groundbreaking and isn’t that much different compared to leaving a tab open, but it is a bit more convenient and also slightly more efficient.

If you’re a heavy Instagram user then there is no doubt that this is a feature you might be able to appreciate, but for the rest of us it does feel like a bit of a novelty.

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