Amazon’s Twitch platform has been a largely one-sided affair. This means that streamers stream their games and its viewers watch, where leaving comments and messages is pretty much the only interaction that streamers and viewers get to have with each other, but that is expected to change soon.

In a report from the New York Times, Twitch has announced that they are working on developing their own games in which both streamers and viewers will be able to participate in it together. This means that viewers will soon be able to interact with their favorite streamers in a more dynamic way.

It is unclear how this will work and what kind of games we might be able to expect (the report mentions casual games), but Twitch’s efforts are expected to be launched in the summer, so we should have more details then. It’s not surprising that Twitch is coming up with new ways to keep its streamers and viewers interested and a reason to keep using its platform.

Ever since Twitch launched, there have been efforts by the likes of Microsoft and YouTube to create their own rival services like Mixer and YouTube Gaming respectively. Microsoft has been seeing some success with its platform by luring away a couple of Twitch’s biggest streamers, such as Ninja (who streams Fornite).

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