A digital camera, much like other gadgets, comes with a processor that helps process the images. For the most part, you could shoot all day as long as your battery permits, but when it comes to recording video, that’s when things get tricky as some cameras aren’t as well-equipped as others.

However, the good news is that if you’re a Fujifilm X100V owner and you use it to shoot video often, a recent firmware update to the camera will now warn you whenever the camera overheats and is about to shut down. This will come in the form of a yellow warning light so that users know that they should probably take a break and power the camera down.

Previously, users wouldn’t know when the camera is reaching its threshold, which could result in them shooting something halfway and then the camera suddenly turns off. However, it should be noted that even in the event that it does, most cameras have the ability to cut off the clip and save whatever has been shot so far, so you won’t lose everything at once.

The warning light will then turn to red which then indicates an imminent shutdown, so the yellow warning light will be the first stage. The firmware update should already be live and available for download, so this might be worth checking out if you’re using the camera extensively for video shooting.

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