Online bullying and harassment isn’t new, but with more people being connected than ever, this is a growing problem that needs to be addressed. To that end, Instagram has announced a bunch of new tools for its platform that will help its users fight against online harassment and bullying.


One of those new tools includes the ability for users to be able to delete comments in bulk. Previously, users could only choose to delete them one by one, which can be tedious especially if you have a large following and have hundreds, if not thousands of comments to sift through. This also brings about the ability for users to block multiple accounts at once.

To encourage positivity, Instagram will also be introducing a new pin tool, where the original poster can choose to pin a comment to the top. This means that this will be the first comment that everyone sees, so if you have received a particularly good or useful comment, you can pin it to share it with everyone else.

Last but not least, Instagram is also making it easier for users to choose who can tag and mention them in posts. Tags and mentions are sometimes abused in spam and also used in online bullying. While users could previously manually approve tags, the new update will let users choose who can tag them. These changes should be live so do check them out if you’d like better control over your Instagram account.

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