We’re not sure if this was an intended feature, but it seems that users of the OnePlus 8 Pro are discovering that their smartphone camera has pseudo X-ray vision capabilities. Yup, if you own the handset, using the camera’s “Photochrom” color filter mode will actually allow you to see through certain objects.

Note that this feature doesn’t work for everything, and before you start getting any ideas, no, it won’t work on clothing. Instead, it seems that with the use of the camera’s infrared sensor, it actually allows it to see through very thin pieces of plastic. It has also been pointed out that the plastic needs to be somewhat translucent to begin with.

In the examples we’ve seen, this feature can work on devices like the Apple TV and also remote controls. As The Verge explains, this is because infrared light can pass through objects in a way that visible light cannot. This is why infrared cameras are used by firefighters to help them see through smoke in burning buildings that they might not have otherwise been able to see with their own eyes.


OnePlus is not alone in using infrared sensors in their cameras. The iPhone’s TrueDepth camera uses similar technology, which is why it scans your face when using Face ID. OnePlus has not commented on the (potentially) unintended feature, but if you own the OnePlus 8 Pro, then this could be a fun feature to check out.

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