These days thanks to mirrorless cameras bridging the size of a compact camera and a DSLR, there is less need than before for compacts. However, there are still several compacts that are very popular, like Sony’s RX series which are commonly used by vloggers and YouTubers as an alternative to bulkier DSLRs or more expensive mirrorless cameras.

If you are interested in getting your hands on a new Sony compact, you could be in luck because according to a report from Sony Alpha Rumors, they claim to have heard from sources that there could be a new Sony compact camera that might be announced towards the end of the month.

Now, before you get too excited at the prospect of a new RX camera, the publication claims that they received a tip that this might not necessarily be a new RX camera. It could instead be something else, something potentially better. Maybe Sony could be looking to rebrand its RX series? Who knows.

Either way, take it with a grain of salt, but Sony’s compacts have been very well-received and if you don’t relish the idea of investing a lot of money into lenses, then this might be worth checking out when it is announced.

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