The vlogging concept is still very much alive and well, and if you’re looking to maybe hop on the bandwagon, naturally you’re going to need a camera. In case your phone doesn’t quite cut it as a vlogging camera, or maybe you want something a little better quality with additional features, then Sony has you covered.

The company has officially announced their new compact digital camera in the form of the Sony ZV-1. The company was teasing its launch just last week and now it looks like the camera has been unveiled in all of its official glory, although the leaked pictures leading up to the announcement has certainly killed any surprises we would have expected.

In terms of design, the ZV-1 looks like the RX100 series and shares some of its hardware as well. This includes the same 1-inch 20MP stacked sensor that can also be found on the RX100 VII. However, in terms of lens, the ZV-1 will come with a 24-70mm lens found in an older RX100 camera, along with an f/1.8 aperture that should help create that desired blurry background bokeh effect.

Sony has definitely positioned this as a video-focused camera because the popup flash unit is gone. In its place is a three capsule microphone which comes with a windscreen that Sony claims will offer improved audio quality. There is also a rear viewfinder display that now swivels out to the side instead of to the top.

Sony also states that they are planning to eventually introduce webcam functionality to the camera at a later date, so that could be worth keeping an eye out for as well. The Sony ZV-1 is priced at $800 and is available for pre-order.

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