Vlogging still seems to be a pretty popular thing that many YouTubers are doing these days. So much so that it seems that Sony wants to cater to these users specifically, and in a series of teasers, the company seems to be working on a new camera that they could be aiming specifically at vloggers.

It was previously reported that Sony could be working on a new compact camera. It was assumed that it could be a new Sony RX camera, but it was also suggested that it could be something entirely different. The latter now seems to be proving true as the reports are claiming that this camera will be known as the Sony ZV1.

As you can see in the teaser images, it looks very much like a compact camera, but one of the main differences is that the rear viewfinder now swivels out to the side. Previously, the viewfinder on the back would flip upwards, but it seems that Sony is taking into consideration that vloggers might want to attach a microphone and flipping the viewfinder upwards could interfere with that.

At this point in time it is unclear what other features the ZV1 could be packing, but the company has set an official announcement for the 26th of May, so we should have all the officials details then.

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