What makes for a successful relationship? A lot of people believe that communication is key, but could there be more? We suppose it can be subjective ranging from person to person, but researchers at Western University are leading a study to see if maybe AI can help to make it more definitive.

This was done by collecting information from 11,196 couples and from 43 datasets. The researchers then used a random forest classification algorithm to help comb through the data to look out for a pattern that could help them determine what are the traits of a successful relationship.

Based on what they found so far, one of the most reliable predictors of successful relationships is the belief that your partner is fully committed to the relationship. There were also other factors such as appreciation, sexual satisfaction, perceived partner satisfaction, and conflict.

According to Western Psychology professor Samantha Joel, “Satisfaction with romantic relationships has important implications for health, wellbeing, and work productivity. But research on predictors of relationship quality is often limited in scope and scale, and carried out separately in individual laboratories.”

That being said, relationships are incredibly dynamic and what works for one couple might not necessarily work for you. Joel adds, “Relationships-specific variables were about two to three times as predictive as individual differences, which I think would fit many people’s intuitions. But the surprising part is that once you have all the relationship-specific data in hand, the individual differences fade into the background.”

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