If you’ve ever bought things online, especially from Amazon, chances are you are left with a ton of empty and unused cardboard boxes. You could just throw them away or have them recycled, but what if you could actually reuse them to make something else out of them? This is something that Amazon wants its customers to try.


According to the company, “Sustainable packaging is a top priority at Amazon. We’re using less packaging material, and we’re working to shrink the packaging to fit what you order more often. Our team of engineers calculated how much material we can remove from paper boxes while ensuring each delivery arrives undamaged.”

To that end, Amazon has also listed out several different things you could do with your Amazon boxes, if you’re so inclined to try. One of the ideas that Amazon has suggested is that if you have kids, maybe use those boxes to build a fort with. The company is also suggesting that you could turn their boxes into a cat condo, create a box car, a windmill for mini golf, a rocket, or even a robot costume.

These are fun ideas and could see people get more use out of these boxes than they normally would. If you’re interested in learning how to do those things, head on over to Amazon’s website for the details.

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