There have been many TV shows and movies based around the post-apocalyptic genre, and it looks like we’ll be able to add one more to the list, and this time, it might also be one familiar to many gamers around the world. This is because the folks at Amazon will be creating a TV series based on Bethesda’s Fallout franchise.

The Fallout franchise has been around for decades and there is a lot of content and lore to draw from. Plus given its post-apocalyptic nature, if there was ever a game that deserved its own TV series, it would be Fallout. The series will be developed by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, who for those unfamiliar are the duo behind the popular Westworld series, so they do have some experience in developing the genre.

The idea of a Fallout series isn’t actually new, and Bethesda has actually been looking for ways to adapt it over the past decade or so, but it was only until Nolan and Joy’s vision for the series that they felt like it could finally be done right. We don’t have any detail surrounding casting or when the series will be launching, but it sounds pretty exciting.

If you’re a fan of Westworld or the Fallout series (or both), then this is something that might be worth looking forward to in the future.

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