Apple Might Not Sell Its Apple Silicon Chipsets To Other Companies

Apple is making their own chipsets for use in their Mac computers, that much we know. However, this raises an interesting question because if Apple’s chipsets can rival or outperform those of Intel, would Apple consider maybe selling their technology to other companies who might want something similar for themselves?

Turns out probably not, but it seems that Apple isn’t entirely opposed to the idea. During Apple’s Q3 earnings, the company’s CEO was asked if they would considering selling the Apple silicon chipsets to other firms, to which Cook replied by saying, “I don’t want to make a forever comment, but we’re a product company, and we love making the whole thing.”

Cook goes on to further elaborate the reason behind the company moving away from Intel. “If we can own the user experience in that way, [our goal is] delighting the user. And that’s the reason that we’re doing Apple Silicon, because we can envision some products that we couldn’t achieve otherwise. And so that’s how we look at it.”

To date, apart from certain apps and services, Apple has mostly kept its technology to themselves. This is what makes the company’s products unique. That being said, word on the street has it that Samsung could be looking to do something similar with its Exynos chipsets for Windows PCs.

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