With Apple planning to transition their Mac computers over to a custom ARM-based silicon, we have to wonder if other companies could be planning to do something similar. It does seem like a pretty good opportunity, and according to a report from SamMobile, it seems that Samsung could be planning something similar of their own.

The report claims that Samsung will apparently be making Exynos chipsets designed for Windows PCs. This is interesting if true, although we’re not sure how well-received such a move would be. This is because Samsung has come under fire over its Exynos chipsets, which some users have found to be not as powerful compared to Qualcomm.

If that is the case, Samsung would have to really prove themselves if they’re hoping to convince customers to purchase an Exynos-powered Windows PC. Plus, there will also be a need to convince developers to create apps for the ARM-based chipset, although given how dominant Intel is at the moment, it would be a hard sell.

That being said, ARM-based Windows computers aren’t exactly new. We’ve seen Qualcomm-powered Windows laptops in the past, although admittedly they haven’t exactly caught on. In any case, given that this is a rumor, do take it with a grain of salt for now.

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