If you’re just a casual photographer, there’s a very low chance that you might encounter an issue where your camera overheats. This usually happens to more professional photographers who might take photos non-stop or who record lengthy videos in high resolution. However, it seems that Canon might have an answer to that problem.

In a patent discovered by Canon News, it looks like Canon’s answer to cameras overheating would be to create a lens adapter that comes with an active cooling system that will help keep the camera cool during operation. How this works is that this lens adapter will feature vents on the top and a fan on the bottom.

This would allow for air intake which will help to cool things down, while at the same time expelling any hot air that might have been built up inside the camera. Cameras with active cooling aren’t necessarily new and last year, we heard rumors that Sony could be building a cooling system into their Sony A7S III.

However, what makes Canon’s solution potentially better is that it is a lens adapter, meaning that anyone can fit it onto a compatible Canon camera instead of having to buy a new camera just for the new cooling system. Unfortunately, we have no idea if this is something Canon will actually make or if it is an idea they are exploring, so don’t get your hopes up just yet.

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