When it comes to the top three smartphone makers, Samsung used to lead the way, followed by Apple, and thirdly Huawei. However, in recent times, Huawei managed to surpass Apple to claim the number two spot, and now it looks like Huawei has managed to successfully beat out Samsung to claim the crown.

According to the data from Canalys, it appears that for Q2 2020, Huawei has managed to ship more smartphones around the world than any other smartphone maker. The research firm estimates that Huawei managed to ship a whopping 55.8 million devices, which is actually down by 5% year on year, but it was enough to topple Samsung.

Samsung on the other hand managed to ship 53.7 million units which is apparently a 30% dip from the same quarter last year. What’s interesting is that despite that trade ban that the US government has placed on Huawei, effectively locking them out of the US market, the company seems to be doing just fine.

Of course, not having access to such a huge market like the US is troubling, but like we said, Huawei seems to be doing fine even with those restrictions. It has also been suggested that Huawei’s explosion in growth could be due to the coronavirus pandemic and recovery in China, where the country’s economic recovery has helped the company with its smartphone sales.

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