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These days a lot of students are stuck at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. As such, many education institutions have changed the way lessons are conducted, moving them to online classes. Exams have also changed where more students can now opt to take their exams on the internet as well.

Unfortunately for one student, Sam Lee, who is a junior at the University of Georgia, she flunked her exam after a stray meatball from her sandwich fell out and hit the wrong key on her keyboard. As a result, she accidentally ended her exam before she got to finish, which caused her to get a failing grade.

Thankfully there is a happy ending to this story because according to Lee, she spent the next six hours composing an email to her professor in hopes that she might be allowed to retake the test. Like we said, this is a happy story because her professor was willing to let her retake the exam, while adding a cheeky note at the end of the email.

In the email, the professor wrote, “Samantha, well, this is certainly a new and unusual excuse for a low score! But for that reason it seems unlikely you’ve made this up. I’ve extended your deadline for the module 6 test until midnight tonight. I would recommend you take the test either before or after dinner. :-)”

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