There are many, many types of chocolates out there, so we imagine that it can be tricky to try and get people to buy a certain brand over another. This is why many confectionary makers are trying to come up with unique flavors and eye-catching packaging to try and lure customers over to their products.

However, it seems that scientists have managed to create a chocolate so unique that we think any packaging would actually detract from it. Thanks to the work of Patrick Rühs, Etienne Jeoffroy, Henning Galinski, and Anita Zingg, they have managed to create a chocolate that comes with a hologram-like color changing finish (which you can see in the video above).

While using food dyes isn’t exactly new, what makes this particular chocolate special is that the researchers managed to achieve this look without the need for special ingredients or food dye. This involved imprinting the outside of the chocolate with a specific pattern that allowed them to produce chocolates with a color changing finish that did not alter the taste or texture of the chocolate itself.

While the researchers were understandably hesitant to share how exactly they achieved this, they did hint that it was inspired by the chameleon, whose skin has microscopic surface structures that can scatter light in various wavelengths depending on the angle it is being looked at.

We’re not sure when we will start seeing these chocolates hit the market, but we imagine once it becomes available, don’t be surprised if this becomes the next food trend you see on social media.

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