Fitness-related games aren’t exactly new, but it seems that if you wanted to lose weight or get toned, perhaps you might want to consider the Nintendo Ring Fit game. According to Japanese Twitter user kzm, he posted a photo of his insanely toned body onto the social media platform in which he credits the game for helping him achieve his body.

Kzm claims that he played the Ring Fit for about half a year and where he used the game to help him stay in shape during the pandemic lockdown. According to the screenshots he posted, kzm is said to have logged over 100 hours in the game where he burned a total of 21,000 calories, “ran” 175km, and did 29,000 pushups with the Ring-Con.

Of course, getting in shape is more than just about exercise and it’s also about eating right. While kzm did not disclose his diet, we can only assume that it played a role. After all, what’s the point of exercising if you’re just going to eat junk food immediately after, right? This is similar to pretty much all the exercise programs you see online, where despite their advertised claims about helping you achieve that elusive 6-pack through their fitness routines, there is an element of dieting as well.

That being said, kzm isn’t the first person to have lost weight thanks to the Ring Fit. Earlier this year, a man from the Philippines reportedly lost 9kg in 30 days from playing the game.

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