If you’ve ever used a translation tool, usually the translated words are spoken in another voice. Given how many different combinations there are in terms of words, phrasings, and sentences, it makes sense to use a computer-generated voice. However, a company called Resemble AI believes that they might have a way to address that.

The company has developed an AI-based translation tool called Localize. According to them, they claim that this tool will actually be able to translate words using your voice. This means that if you’re translating a sentence from English to French, the French translation could actually be spoken back in your own voice.

The implications of such technology are huge as it could open the door to a variety of uses. For example, English movies sold in overseas markets are sometimes dubbed instead of subtitled. However, these dubs are usually less than ideal as they don’t always capture the emotion or intent behind the words, but with Localize, you could have the dub spoken in the actor’s voice, making it more believable.

That being said, it will be interesting to see how Localize could be applied in real-world usage. Google is also said to be developing something of their own, but we have yet to hear or see anything from them yet.

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