Blizzard’s rise to fame could be credited to a couple of games – Warcraft and StarCraft, both of which are RTS games. The company has since moved on from the RTS genre by focusing on MMORPGs and shooters like Overwatch. Will Blizzard return to its RTS roots one day? We’re sure many are hoping to see a StarCraft 3 or a Warcraft 4, but that may never happen.

According to a tweet by Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, it turns out that Blizzard may no longer be interested in developing RTS games. The reporter claims to have heard stories of how several Blizzard developers looking to pitch ideas for RTS games in the past, hoping to get these projects greenlit, but with no success, which we suppose is obvious given the lack of such games from the company.

The most recent RTS release comes in the form of Warcraft 3: Reforged, which is essentially a remaster of the company’s Warcraft 3 title that was originally released back in 2002. While Blizzard has yet to comment on Schreier’s claims, we suppose we don’t really have to look too far.

The company recently announced that they will no longer be developing for StarCraft 2 in terms of updates and new features or content, suggesting that they are planning on letting the game die quietly. It is a shame if these claims are true, but then again, RTS games haven’t exactly been that popular these days, so we guess we can’t really fault Blizzard for wanting to create games that make more financial sense.

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