The problem with video games is that while the graphics might look realistic and insanely detailed, there are certain things that could still stand to be improved upon, such as character dialogue where for the most part, the way characters speak doesn’t necessarily match the voice acting.

However, it appears that CD Projekt Red is certainly sparing no expense with Cyberpunk 2077, going as far as using AI to help characters in the game lip sync dialogue more realistically. While animators might be able to achieve accurate lip synching during cutscenes or cinematics, it would be almost impossible to do it throughout the entire game without having to motion capture every single character, or at least it wouldn’t be very efficient.

This is why the developers turned to the use of AI that would allow every character in the game to have realistic lip synching and facial animation to match. The developers are even going a step further by introducing support for as many as 10 languages, given that some of the characters in the game speak multiple languages.

This means that the way the character’s lips move when speaking one language will change when they speak another. You can check out the demo of the AI in the video above to get an idea of what you can expect.

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