Living creatures, as we know them (including ourselves), need things like water to survive. Without water, humans and animals would die of dehydration. We also wouldn’t be able to do things like grow crops, which need water in order to grow and thrive, which is why it isn’t just as simple as packing up our bags and flying off to another planet.

The new planet would also need things like water, which is what we’re currently looking for on planets like Mars. Now according to NASA’s Curiosity rover, it seems that at one point in time, there could have been huge amounts of water on Mars to the point where the planet was hit with what is known as a megaflood.

According to Alberto G. Fairén, co-author of a paper recently published on Nature, “We identified megafloods for the first time using detailed sedimentological data observed by the rover Curiosity. Deposits left behind by megafloods had not been previously identified with orbiter data.”

Mars, as it stands, has water, but it is currently in an ice and gaseous state. According to the scientists, they suggested that the megaflood could have been caused by a massive meteoric impact that generated enough heat to melt the ice on the planet. The heat also released carbon dioxide and methane, which combined with the water vapor could have actually created a warm and wet climate for a short period of time.

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