There are reasons why news anchors are still relevant in this day and age when you can easily read news online. This is because anchors have personalities and a way of delivering the news and analyzing them with their comments that can make a particular piece of news insightful and provide more context than just reading them.

However, it seems it is possible that one day, these new anchors could be replaced by artificial intelligence. This has kind of already happened over in South Korea where cable channel MBN became the first broadcaster in the country to introduce an AI-powered news anchor dubbed AI Kim.

This AI news anchor is actually based on a human news anchor who also works for MBN called Jim Ju-ha. According to AI Kim when it introduced itself, “I was created through deep learning 10 hours of video of Kim Ju-ha, learning the details of her voice, the way she talks, facial expressions, the way her lips move, and the way she moves her body. I am able to report news exactly the way that anchor Kim Ju-ha would.”

What’s amazing is that during the debut of the anchor, the AI managed to speak in the same tone and manner as its human counterpart, where it also mimicked some of the body movements of Kim. The goal of these AI-powered anchors is to allow these news stations to broadcast news 24/7, especially at times of the day when human news anchors might be asleep or sick.

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