Back in 2018, instead of announcing Diablo 4 like everyone hoped they would, Blizzard instead announced Diablo Immortal, which is essentially a mobile version of Diablo. The game was initially met with a ton of backlash and after about 2 years, it seems that Diablo Immortal is finally in its technical alpha.

What is a technical alpha? Basically this is the game in its working prototype form. For the most part it is still not meant for the public, but it should still be good enough for people to get an idea of what the game is about. In fact, some of those who have taken part in its alpha have praised the game, claiming that it really feels like a Diablo game at the end of the day.

According to Blizzard, “The primary goal of this Technical Alpha is to test server stability and client performance across a wide variety of devices. It’s also an opportunity for us to take in player feedback regarding our core gameplay, the initial leveling experience, and our other early gameplay systems. This will help us make sure the game feels great when it gets into everybody’s hands.”

It is unclear when Diablo Immortal will be released, especially since at this point in time it’s still in alpha. This means that it will need to move to the beta phase before being released to the public. With Diablo 4 also looming in the horizon, it will be interesting to see when Blizzard plans on releasing it.

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