When you search on Google Images for a photo, it will show you all the various websites that the photo might be hosted on. This is fine, but what if you wanted more context? You’d usually have to click on the website, read it, and then go back to Google Images in case you did not get the information you wanted.

However, we have discovered that Google Images on mobile now has a new feature where if you tap on an image, you will be able to quite literally drag your finger upwards to pull up the website and page that the image is hosted on, and when you’re done, you just swipe back down and you’re back to Google Images again.

We’re not sure how new this feature is, but this is the first time we’re seeing it. We’re also not sure how widespread is this new feature and if it is a permanent thing or if Google is simply testing it out. However, what we can say is that it is rather useful because it saves you time from having to press the back button.

Also, it appears to be using Google’s AMP because the page loaded pretty much instantly, so it is faster than loading a regular website.

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