One of the reasons why Reddit is as popular as it is is because it kind of solved the problem with internet forums. With internet forums, you’d have to go to various websites and try to find the one that’s suited to your needs and topics, and it might be hard to try and keep track of all of it.

However, what Reddit has done is put it all together, and also created a news feed where you can get updates on what users are posting across all the subreddits you follow. That being said, we’re sure some of you are wondering exactly how many people are using Reddit on a daily basis, and now we have an idea.

For the first time ever, Reddit has disclosed to The Wall Street Journal that they are averaging 52 million daily active users. This means that everyday, 52 million people around the world are logging into Reddit and interacting with it. While this might seem like a huge number, to give you some context, other platforms like Twitter and Facebook are boasting even larger numbers.

Twitter has about 187 million daily active users, while Facebook boasts 1.82 billion daily active users, so as you can see, Reddit is pretty “far behind”. However, to be fair, these different platforms serve different purposes, so it’s not exactly comparing apples to apples. However, like we said, Reddit has not disclosed these numbers in the past, so it’s still rather interesting all the same.

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