For years, AMD and Intel have duked it out in terms of CPUs, although for the longest time ever, it seemed like AMD would never be able to catchup to Intel. However, that hasn’t been the case in the past few years, where AMD’s Ryzen CPUs have actually started to gain more traction amongst users as being a better value-for-money offering compared to Intel.

So much so that according to benchmark software maker, PassMark, they are estimating that for the first time since 2006, AMD might have actually overtaken Intel in terms of desktop CPU market share. The graphs on the website shows an interesting pattern where from 2006 until about 2018, the gap between AMD and Intel was extremely wide, but AMD has since been quick to close the distance.

Intel still very much dominates the laptop scene and server scene, but it’s still amazing progress by AMD nonetheless. The past few years haven’t exactly been kind to Intel as they were forced to sell off their modem business to Apple. Not to mention with Apple moving towards their own custom CPUs, it would mean less business for Intel, and we’ve heard rumors that other companies like Microsoft are also planning something similar.

This doesn’t mean that Intel is dead, far from it, but it suggests that the company will need to step up their efforts if they want to remain in the lead.

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