Given how closely Samsung and LG compete in the same space for multiple types of products, you would have been right to assume that LG would have also launched its own foldable phone. However, the company has declined to do so for the past few years, but perhaps it’s because they think they have a better solution.

In a teaser video the company released at CES 2021, they are showing off a concept device called the LG Rollable. Instead of using a display that can be folded, this smartphone concept will use a display that can be rolled up, meaning that we won’t have to deal with issues like hinges where dust and dirt can get trapped.

It also means that these devices can also be thinner compared to foldable phones, thus maintaining the current form factor of smartphones but with an added twist. It would not be a stretch to think that LG could indeed make such a device. The company has in the past launched a TV with a rollable display, which means that they need to find a way to shrink the tech down into a smartphone and they’d be good to go.

Right now, the LG Rollable is part of LG’s Explorer Project so it is unclear if or when the device will ever make it to the market, but it’s an interesting concept that we wouldn’t mind seeing become a reality.

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