Virtual reality has a ton of uses, most of which are games because it does seem to be a very obvious candidate for that. However, it seems that maybe the technology behind VR could also be used for other things, such as providing therapy, where it could help people who lost loved ones get some closure and move on.

In a new documentary on MBC, one of South Korea’s major broadcasting networks, it showed how the use of VR helped a husband meet his deceased wife one more time, where he also got to interact with her through VR and speak to her. According to the man, 51-year old Kim Jung Soo, he had expressed his hopes at seeing his wife again, and this experience allowed him to do just that.

The avatar of his wife was created by the MBC Design Center where they tried to recreate her movements and also her voice, where they found an actor whose voice sounded the most similar. It is a rather touching documentary and it also goes to show that VR isn’t just for games, and that it could be used for potentially holistic and therapeutic purposes as well.

If you have a minute to spare, you can check out a brief trailer of the documentary in the video above, but be warned, it gets pretty emotional!

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