Our smartphones these days pack some impressive camera hardware under the hood, where it takes photos at incredibly high resolution, but it seems that for ZTE, what’s available right now might not be enough, so much so that the company has teased that they could be introducing a 200MP camera in its upcoming ZTE Axon 30 Pro.

This is according to a report from GSMArena who spotted a post on Weibo by ZTE who confirmed that the upcoming handset would be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888. The company also made it a point to note that one of the features of the chipset is the support for 200MP cameras, which has led to speculation that this could indeed be a feature in the phone as well.

This was “confirmed” by a tipster’s post, also on Weibo, where they suggested that the camera in question could be Samsung’s yet-to-be-announced 200MP sensor. Now, 200MP is kind of overkill, kind of how phones with 108MP sensors are, except that this is a bit more extreme. We say overkill because for the most part, a lot of photos are typically shared on social media or viewed on mobile devices, which means that at some point, people stop noticing the differences.

This is probably why to this day, 4K display smartphones are still pretty rare because given our screen sizes, it stops becoming noticeable. In any case, we suppose at the very least it is still quite a technological feat and it gives users options.

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