If you’ve ever been to a drive-thru at a fast food restaurant, you’re probably familiar with how the process works. You pull up at an intercom system, place your order, and then drive to another window to pay and collect your order. However, it seems that Chick-fil-A is looking to shake up that experience with the use of iPads.


During the pandemic, it seems that the drive-thru lines over at Chick-fil-A have grown increasingly long and customers are tired of having to wait in long lines to get their food. To combat that, one of the initiatives the company has taken is to use iPads that will allow customers to see who’s taking their orders. Plus with the mobility of an iPad, it would also allow them to deploy more of them which could speed up the order process.


In fact, the company is thinking that they can take this even further by having their employees work from home and communicate through the iPad using platforms like Apple’s FaceTime. This will help address problems like weather and also help with social distancing as the pandemic isn’t quite over yet.

It is a pretty interesting idea and maybe one that we could see other fast food chains adopt in their own systems in the future.

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