In case you didn’t know, Sony actually provides a lot of smartphone companies with camera sensors. This means that while these companies might use different lenses and software, the core hardware powering their cameras comes from Sony, and it seems that Sony could be working on something big.


According to recent reports, it has been suggested that Sony is working on a 1-inch camera sensor that could be unveiled in April. For those who aren’t sure why this is a big deal, it is because a larger sensor means that more information can be captured. Sony actually made waves several years ago when they started incorporating 1-inch sensors into their compact cameras, so bringing it to the smartphone would indeed be a huge deal.

Larger sensors can capture more information which in turn results in better photographs with potentially better colors, lighting, and so on. According to several leaksters, it seems that Sony’s sensor could be used in several upcoming phones. A leakster by the name of Teme claims that this sensor could be featured in Huawei’s upcoming P50 series, while another leakster called @TheGalox_ claims that Google could use these sensors for the Pixel 6.

It will be interesting to see what kind of images these sensors will be capable of producing, but until we get the official spec sheet, maybe take this with a healthy dose of skepticism for now.

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