For anyone who’s worked in customer service, you’re probably well aware of the wide spectrum of customer behaviors that you can come across during work. This ranges from customers who are extremely rude and entitled, to those who are polite and don’t kick up a fuss, and usually the latter is preferred.

In fact, this is something that Apple prefers as well because in a viral TikTok video that’s been making its rounds, it was posted by someone claiming to be a former Apple Store employee who revealed that apparently, Apple has a “secret” store policy that rewards polite customers with free repairs and replacements.


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The poster claims that each Apple Store staff member has what is called “surprise and delight” instances where they can go above and beyond for “really amazing” customers. The poster gives examples of how some customers with water damaged phones get free replacements even though it’s not allowed.

It is unclear if this is an actual policy implemented by Apple, but comments in the video from customers and other alleged former Apple Store staff members seem to corroborate the claims. While we wouldn’t suggest you count on these “surprise and delight” instances, it’s always a good idea to be polite to everyone you meet anyway.

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