Having captions in videos is useful and is a great accessibility feature. We’ve seen similar features offered in video platforms such as YouTube, and now it looks like Facebook-owned Instagram is hoping to introduce something similar as well to its Stories feature. This is according to a discovery by Matt Navarra who shared his findings on Twitter.

So how this works is rather simple – when you create a story, you’ll be able to find an option to add a caption sticker. This sticker pretty much acts as an anchoring point for your captions. Users will be able to choose from different fonts and styles, and once they’re done, Instagram does the rest of the work.

This means that the feature will take your voice in the video and automatically transcribe it into text so that people can read what’s going on instead of hearing it. We’re not sure how good or accurate this transcription feature is, especially since we all speak a little differently and sometimes with an accent, so your mileage may vary on this.

Either way, it’s still a useful feature to have so if you do have Instagram, make sure you’re running the latest version of the app and you should find the feature available to you.

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