There is no doubt that when it comes to photography, digital photography is the most “efficient”. This is because unlike film photography, digital photos can be reviewed instantly and you can take multiple photos without worrying about running out of film. However, at the same time it’s hard to ignore that nostalgia that one gets when taking film photos.

If you do enjoy the retro and nostalgic vibe of film, then you might be interested in checking out Fujifilm’s latest instant camera, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 40. Fujifilm has been cranking out instant print cameras over the years so it’s no surprise that they’re back with a new model, although unlike the company’s previous efforts, the Instax Mini 40 looks decidedly retro.

The features of the camera are pretty basic – you load up the film, point it at your subject, press the shutter and wait for the photo to print and develop. There is no manual mode which means you’ll have to rely on the camera to decide what are the best settings, which in a way is good since it does make things a lot easier for beginners, but it also makes photographers stay in the moment rather than fiddling around with settings.

The Instax Mini 40 is expected to go on sale later this month where it is priced at $100.

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