Say you’re searching for something on Google, and you decide to search for something else or maybe edit your query. Normally you would click on either the search box and type it in or go to your URL bar and type in the new query. These are perfectly fine moves, but Google is trying to make it easier for users.

According to a report from 9to5Google, it seems that if you’re viewing on a computer and need to edit your search or go back to the search box, all you need to do is press the “/” key on your keyboard and you’re good to go. We have tried this ourselves and can confirm that it does work.

Note that this only works on search results pages, meaning that if you load it won’t work as the search box is already active, but it shouldn’t diminish its usefulness. That being said, there are other keyboard shortcuts you can explore if you need to make new searches. For example, pressing CTRL+L will bring you to the URL bar.

Since most browsers allow you to search through the URL bar, it’s almost the same thing. The main difference here is that the new keyboard shortcut lets you edit your search, while CTRL+L is more useful if you’re looking to type in a new search.

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