For years, Google has relied on Qualcomm to supply the chipsets used for its Pixel phones, but that is expected to change this year. For the company’s upcoming Pixel 6 handset that is expected to debut later in the year, it could also mark the first time that the Pixel series will come with its own custom chipset codenamed “Whitechapel”.

Not much is known about Whitechapel save for some hints here and there, one of which suggests that Samsung could actually be the one behind it, or at least involved in its development. This is according to references made to Samsung’s Exynos chipset, and since Samsung already makes its own chipset and has the experience, this isn’t that much of a stretch of the imagination.

As noted by 9to5Google, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai did make remarks last fall in which he said that the company was making some “deeper investments” into hardware, so a custom chipset could be a possibility. It’s also not surprising that Google might be doing that now, especially with Apple launching their own custom chipsets for their Mac computers.

As Android and Chrome OS are so tightly linked to each other, it wouldn’t be surprising if this Whitechapel chipset could also be used in future Chrome OS computers. Google typically reserves its Pixel announcements for the third quarter of the year, so we’ll have to wait until then for more information.

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