Around the world, many languages are spoken. Most of us might be familiar with the more commonly used ones that we hear around us, see on TV, in movies, songs, and etc., but did you know that there are actually thousands of languages being spoken throughout the entire world?

In fact, not only are there thousands of languages, but there are also thousands of languages that are considered endangered, which is why Google has launched its Woolaroo platform in an attempt to preserve these languages so that they will never be forgotten. Now, Google has been working on preserving endangered languages for a while now, and Woolaroo is an expansion of that.

However, what makes it different is that it is crowdsourced. This means that instead of Google trying to go at it alone, Woolaroo will use crowdsourcing so that members of the community who speak the languages will be able to edit them, help with pronunciation, and more, so that future generations will know how certain words are spoken and what they might mean.

According to Google, at the moment Woolaroo supports 10 languages from around the world, such as Louisiana Creole, Calabrian Greek, Māori, Nawat, Tamazight, Sicilian, Yang Zhuang, Rapa Nui, Yiddish, and Yugambe.

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