Sony’s games are almost exclusive to its PlayStation platform. The company has dabbled in mobile games in the past and even launched devices like the Xperia Play, but it never quite worked out. We’re not sure if maybe it wasn’t the right time or maybe it wasn’t the right games, but Sony wants to try again.

During an investor relations session, Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO Jim Ryan revealed the company’s plans to bring some of its major PlayStation franchises over onto mobile devices. He cites how the company has had its fair share of success when they brought some titles over onto PC, so moving to mobile will be their next step.

According to Ryan, “PlayStation has a huge catalog of diverse first-party IP that can transition to smartphone gaming and complement our AAA games or live service games. We are exploring the mobile market with some wonderful PlayStation franchises so please stay tuned.” Sony’s franchises include the likes of God of War, Gran Turismo, Killzone, The Last of Us, and more.

We’re not sure how some of these games will be playable on mobile, but Nintendo has adapted some of its franchises to be more mobile friendly, some of which have actually gone on to do quite well, so maybe Sony could do well as well, if not better.

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