Apple’s MacBook Air is one of the company’s most famous laptops. Not only is it incredibly thin, but its relatively affordable price makes it one of Apple’s cheaper laptops. It is currently offered with a 13-inch display, although previously there was also an 11-inch option, but it turns out that at some point in time, Apple almost made a 15-inch version.

This is according to internal Apple emails that were revealed during the Apple VS Epic trial, where in 2007, an email from Apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs made reference to a 15-inch MacBook Air. The MacBook Air officially made its debut in January 2008, but clearly it seems that the 15-inch model did not make the cut.

It is possible that Apple later decided that a 15-inch MacBook Air would encroach on the space of the 15-inch MacBook Pro, or that a 15-inch MacBook Air would make the laptop too big and heavy and negate the point of owning a MacBook Air. Whatever the reason is, it seems that the  15-inch model was ultimately shelved, although there are some rumors that suggest that it could be making a comeback.

Apple has experimented with various laptop sizes over the years, like with the 12-inch MacBook that was later discontinued. They also eventually released a 16-inch MacBook Pro after doing away with the 17-inch model, and word on the street has it that a 14-inch MacBook Pro could be in the works.

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