For a while, some of Google’s products and services were divided between regular users and those in the enterprise space. One of those was Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) in which it was only accessible to those with an enterprise profile, but that has changed as Google has announced that Workspace will now be open to all users.

This means that all of the features that were previously locked behind the enterprise profile will now be available to all users with a Google account, although how much this will benefit users remains to be seen. This is because for the most part, Google’s software and services like Drive, Docs, Sheets, Meet, and more were usable regardless of whether you had consumer or enterprise access.

Sure, there are some additional features that enterprise users might be able to appreciate more, but like we said, for the most part it’s not too different. We suppose opening it up to more users now is not necessarily a bad thing, and some who might not have wanted to pay for enterprise access can now take advantage of these new features.

That being said, Google isn’t exactly giving up on its enterprise plans. The company is still hoping to cater to businesses which is why they have also launched Google Workspace Individual, which will come with exclusive features and is being marketed towards small business owners.

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