If you’ve ever wanted to share a photo on Instagram, you would have to upload it through the Instagram app on your phone. There were some workarounds, but nothing official. Now, back in May it was reported that Instagram was looking to change that and now it looks like that change has arrived.

According to several user reports, it appears that they are now able to upload photos to Instagram directly from the web version of the platform. We’re not sure how widespread this feature is, but it isn’t available for us when we checked at this time of posting, so either Instagram has limited it or it is still in the stages of rolling out.

However, it should be noted that Instagram still views this as a test, meaning that it isn’t a full-fledged feature yet, so there could still be some changes made to it further down the road, or maybe Instagram could just end up killing the feature entirely (hopefully that won’t be the case). That being said, it is a useful feature to have and professionals might appreciate it.

This is because for some users who use Instagram as their portfolio, the ability to edit their photos or videos on desktop and uploading it directly would save them a lot of time. It would also be easier to manage as opposed to fiddling on a phone all day.

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