Want to take a scrolling screenshot on your Android smartphone? Depending on your smartphone manufacturer, some of them have included the feature into their phones, but oddly enough, this is a feature that Google hasn’t bothered to introduce natively to Android, at least until now.

In the latest beta for Android 12, Google has brought scrolling screenshots to the table. This is a feature that Google actually planned to introduce to Android a few years ago, but ultimately decided to delay it until now. However, before you get too excited, it seems that maybe third-party apps could still be a better option.

This is because in its current form, Android 12’s scrolling screenshot feature only works on apps with “standard View-based UI”, which means that it might not work for all apps, and more importantly, it won’t work with Chrome. Given that people tend to use scrolling screenshots for websites, it seems a bit odd that Chrome compatibility isn’t available right out of the gate.

However, Google does state that they do plan on updating the feature in future beta releases, so maybe it could be a more robust tool when Android 12 is released to the public, but in its current iteration, it does feel a bit limited.

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