With Android, Google’s backup system is kind of split. You have one system that backs up data like contacts, call history, app data, and SMS, and then you have another like Google Photos that backs up your photos and videos. Despite it being separate, the experience is actually rather seamless.

However, to help give users a better idea and understanding of what’s being backed up, Google has since rolled out a new “Backup by Google One” update for Android. What this means is that the company is essentially unifying its backup services into one, thus making it easier for users to see what’s being backed up and also control it from a single location.

If this sounds familiar, it is because Google actually has an app that does the same thing, but it requires users to download the app separately which means that not everyone might have been aware about it. This new update will basically integrate the app’s features into Android’s Settings so that everyone will be able to take advantage of it.

These changes shouldn’t really affect users too much because at the end of the day, your data will still be backed up, it’s just that it’s now easier for you to manage all of it from a single place. Google says that the update is being rolled out to devices running Android 8.0 or higher over the course of the next few weeks, so you should eventually get it on your phone.

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